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Food: 5 Dishes You Have to Eat in Lanzarote

5 Foods to Try in Lanzarote

Food lovers will find a lot more than 5 mouth-watering dishes in Lanzarote’s traditional gastronomy. Of course. And we’ll talk to you about all the other ones right here, on this blog. You’ll have to be patient, though, we’re just starting. This article is for food amateurs coming for a few days to Lanzarote and…

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How to order like locals in Spanish restaurants

Spanish Food

¿Para comer ?  (will you be eating ? ) is the first thing most Spanish waiters ask people entering their restaurant. Sounds like a silly question right ? Of course, you want to eat. What else would you do in a restaurant ? See, Spanish culture involves a lot of going out to eat and…

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5 things you should know about the Chinese fishing nets in Kochi, Kerala (India)

Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin, Kerala, India

We had a lot of expectations for the Chinese fishing nets and Fort Cochin as a foodie destination and were totally disappointed. The place is a very touristic spot where we rapidly felt like walking wallets. And the fish we were so eager to eat is swimming in a filthy water between what looks like…

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Romantic Things to Do in Lanzarote

Famara Beach - Lanzarote

Are you visiting Lanzarote with your loved one? This article is for you. Whether you’re here for Valentine’s day or not, check out these romantic things to do in Lanzarote. Let me be honest: I’m not a Valentine’s Day enthusiast. I’d rather be classified in the group that prefers to find romantic things to do including…

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