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Ready for some fun cooking time in Lanzarote?

Private cooking classes in Lanzarote

Private cooking classes in Lanzarote


We’ve taken a big step. We’re now offering private cooking lessons in Lanzarote.

Remodelling our future premises is taking much more time than what we thought. We can’t wait to get cooking with you.

And we have to say it is all thanks to Jørgen. A cool guy from Norway we met a few weeks ago. He wanted to give his mum a nice birthday present during their family holidays in Lanzarote and got us to set up a hands-on cooking class in their villa’s kitchen for a party of 6.

It went great. Everyone had fun. Food was excellent. We’re definitely repeating.

Thanks Jørgen & Family 😀

Private cooking lessons in Lanzarote

So, here is the deal: you need a group of 4 or more people and a big kitchen. Our private cooking classes are suitable for all cooking levels and can be taught in English, French or Spanish.

Our chef will come to your villa to teach you and your group scrumptious Spanish recipes.

You’ll have fun. You’ll learn recipes and cooking techniques. You’ll eat amazing food. Local and organic, as much as possible.

We’ll plan. We’ll get the ingredients. We’ll bring kitchenware. We’ll teach. We’ll clean. And in case you’re worrying, we’ll have fun too.

Before the private cooking course, we’ll agree on a menu. You’ll get to tell us more about what you like so we find the perfect recipes to teach you.

As an example, our last menu was :

    • Iberic ham and tomato bread tapa
    • Salmorejo Cordobés
    • Lobster and calamari rice
    • Caramelized bananas with mandarins and strawberry chantilly –  served with a mandarin and cava sorbet*.

*Special Chef’s creation for this course. Must say it came out pretty good…

If you have allergies or special diet, we find substitutes and take care of every detail so you can eat safely. No need to worry about cross-contamination, we have sets of utensils that have never been in contact with gluten/ lactose and other common allergens.

We take your health seriously.

Our first group counted a pregnant woman, a lactose allergic, a gluten intolerant and one allergic to peppers…

Spanish food lovers know that most traditional dishes get their flavours from the pimentón. A spice powder made of dried and smoked red peppers.

It’s been a great challenge. We passed it. We’re ready for anything now 😉



A fun friends and family moment



Private Cooking Lessons in Lanzarote - Review


Peeling vegetables is anything but fun. We all agree on that, right?

How many of you took a cooking class to end up spending half the time peeling veggies and the other half figuring out how to get 15 people to participate in the cooking process?

We did. And it’s exactly what we don’t want for our cooking lessons.

We want to help you build great holiday memories with your close ones. A fun moment shared in the kitchen, you’ll love to remember together years from now.

Cooking is fun. Preparing and cleaning aren’t.

You’ll spend time learning cooking techniques or competing to find out who is faster at whipping cream. More fun.

Ok. Not for everyone.

We also thought about the ones in your group for whom there is no way whipping cream can ever be fun. And have a special price for them so they can eat with the cooks even if they spent the whole cooking lesson lying in the sun.

How cool is that?


Private cooking lessons only available for a limited time


If you want to be one of the lucky ones who’ll get to have our chef coming to their holiday (or permanent) home in Lanzarote; you have until July 1st 2016.

Hopefully after that date we’ll be able to receive you in our premises for even more cooking fun.

And because we know you might get frustrated if you’re in time for booking but you’re coming later on to Lanzarote, we’ll let you pick a course date until December 31st, 2016.

Update January 2017 : This offer is no longer available, click here to book a cooking course in Cook in Lanzarote

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