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Los Hervideros: Massive Nature Art Work

Los Hervideros grottoes - Lanzarote

Los Hervideros grottoes - Lanzarote


Los Hervideros (the English translation would be The Bubbling Sources) were formed by a lava flow meeting the Atlantic ocean back in the 18th century. The result is a peculiar landscape formed by amazing shades of black, red and blue… Definitely to be seen on a sunny day.

Lanzarote was struck by a series of volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1736. Lava covered one fourth of its territory, creating El Mar de Lava (The Lava Sea) on the south-west of the island. The coast at Los Hervideros is made by rough cliffs and grottoes, both results of lava’s solidification and erosion. The waves create a terrific show by forcing huge amounts of water into the lava labyrinth offering, as a result, a bubbling ocean to the visitor’s sight.

Los Hervideros - Lanzarote
Los Hervideros wave show is really impressive on stormy sea days. A narrow path brings you to a small balcony carved in the lava from where you can admire bubbling water on calm days and huge waves on rougher days. These conditions make the visit more dangerous so be careful especially if you’re visiting with young children.

The visit is pretty short (around 15 to 20 min), so if you get there with or right after a tour bus, it’s worth waiting a bit to enjoy a less crowded visit. Los Hervideros is the kind of place where nature makes you feel tiny and powerless; it’s definitely better to enjoy with only a few people!

If you’re visiting Lanzarote during the crowded period (July-Sept), Los Hervideros could be a perfect spot to admire an amazing sunset. At that time, you can be sure no tour bus will interfere…

Los Hervideros Useful Information

Free and open 24/7

Visit Time : 20 min approx.

Situated right next to Janubio Salt Flats, they’re a perfect spot to stop on your way to the emerald lake of El Golfo when visiting the south-western side of Lanzarote from Playa Blanca.

For more visitors’ tips, check Los Hervideros’ page on TripAdvisor.

Here comes the Google Maps link. It can be useful.

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