Thai cooking workshop


Learn Thai classic dishes in our 4 hours special cookery workshop!

On Wednesday, June 20th from 10 am to 2 pm, learn how to prepare famous dishes from the Thai gastronomy.

You'll learn all about the ingredients that make Thai food so tasty and where to find them in Lanzarote. Then, you'll make your own green curry paste from scratch and use it for a chicken curry. You'll also unveil the secrets of the flavourful Tom Yam soup and the beef Massaman. And you'll end your Thai menu by a banana, coco milk and sticky rice dessert.

If you'd like do drink local wine while you're cooking and with your meal, check the following box (+20€)

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In this 4 hours cookery course, you’ll learn how to prepare classic Thai dishes.

Here is the course’s menu:

  • Tom Yam soup
  • Green curry paste
  • Chicken curry and rice
  • Beef Massaman
  • Sticky rice with banana and coco


The price includes : the 4-hour workshop, the degustation of what you’ve made, an apron and an ebook with the recipes.

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Wednesday, April 18th 2018


From 10 am to 2 pm (+degustation time)


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