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Hello and welcome to Cook in Lanzarote! If you like to eat and travel, you're in the right place.

We share the same passions and are eager to provide food travellers visiting Lanzarote with useful insights about what to see on this magical island as well as what and where to eat. Canarian gastronomy is still undiscovered by many but, trust us on this one, local products are amazing.

About us

We are Véro & Antonio, a French and Spanish couple of passionate foodies. A while ago, we were living in Paris, working stressful jobs and looking for a way to add more meaning to our lives.

Then, we became parents, fell in love with Lanzarote and decided we would put all our efforts into opening a cooking school with a soul in this paradisiac island.

Antonio became a professional Chef at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon where he learnt culinary and pastry techniques. This fantastic training allowed him to master his family's traditional Spanish recipes.

During the remodelling of our premises, Cook in Lanzarote project led us to India where we were contracted to design the menu and train the staff of a new Spanish restaurant in Pune, Maharashtra.

It's been a fantastic experience so far and we can't wait to see what's coming up next.

Now we're open and we're loving the experience of receiving foodies from all over the world.
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Meet the founders of Cook in Lanzarote

We feel strongly that humankind reached a point where there is no choice but make things sustainable so the next generations can enjoy the small things we love in life.

That's why our ingredients are local and organic, as much as possible. And the fish we buy is not endangered and caught with sustainable fishing techniques.  We're aiming to reduce as much as possible the impact of our activity in Lanzarote.

This island is a gem in the Atlantic ocean and is, as such, protected by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.

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